TNR Wood Projects CC is a supplier and fitter of PVC ceiling and drywall panels. TNR Wood Projects guarantees its clients a product that is reliable and a service which remains professional. Located in Rustenburg (North West Province) we serve individuals and organisations located mostly anywhere in South Africa.

Our products are highly innovative and unique. PVC ceiling panels are manufactured with the use of sophisticated technology and their appearance will appeal to those who desire perfection. Our products are very cost-effective and will rival any of its nearest competitors in terms of durability, quality and performance. We also have the ability to increase and decrease our need for supply and demand according to each client’s particular needs.


Characteristics and Specifications

  • They are fire resistant and will only deform at excessive temperatures, but will not ignite
  • They are waterproof and watertight
  • They are mould resistant and mothproof
  • They are environmentally friendly and have beneficial health qualities with avirulent insipidity
  • They will never cause corrosion or rust
  • They have first-rate dampening qualities
  • The insulating qualities assist in the elimination of unnecessary or supplementary materials
  • The ceilings require very little or no maintenance since they only need to be wiped down with a damp cloth
  • They are aesthetic and the elasticity of the panels lengthwise makes them ideal for contoured roof designs
  • The honeycomb design makes them exceptionally lightweight
  • They are exceptionally easy to install
  • They have a distinct tongue-and-groove design and are screwed into the roof which makes the use of nails unnecessary
  • They come with a 20 year guarantee
  • Numerous standard colours and designs are available for orders of any magnitude
  • New designs are added continuously
  • These panels are also available in PVC drywall which does not require any paint or plaster work and can also be removed easily without damage
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Painting is not required
  • Exceptionally speedy installation
  • The DIY potential is excellent
  • Particularly suited for bathrooms and kitchens


  • SABS certificate
  • CSIR approved fire rating